Our activities

The JWP Group has assumed certain premise according to which CSR has become a regular part of our business. We believe that it should apply to many areas of the company and refer to each group of its stakeholders. We have identified target groups and we`ve analyzed their expectations in the context of social activity.

Actions described below apply to both internal  (employees) and  external (customers, society, etc.)stakeholders and the environment.



This is the key area of ​​our company`s CSR actions. We try our best to make our employees feel satisfied with their job at JWP. We want to give them the confidence that our company provides good working conditions, cares about their development, offering training opportunities, social benefits, as well as helping in reconciliation of private and professional roles.


Clients & Ethics of business


Our clients are at the centre of our attention – we care about their satisfaction, and most of all, we create our communication with them in an open, professional and transparent manner. We listen to their suggestions,  which are certain basis for our continuous improvement.




An asset we can offer to the public is, at the first place, our expertise and comprehensive knowledge. We know that knowledge of issues related to the protection of intellectual and industrial property in Polish society is still insufficient. That is why we want to share!  We strive to ensure that, through our actions in the area of ​​CSR we spread the IP issues.  We are aware that there are social groups (eg. entrepreneurs, students, researchers) in particular need to expand knowledge in the field of protection of intellectual and industrial property. Therefore, we undertake educational activities dedicated to this very particular groups.




We  do not forget about the environment! We make sure that our activities are eco-friendly and eco-responsible – our aim is to promote the protection of natural heritage.