Our philosophy

The major motivation in conducting our activities related to corporate social responsibility is the recognition of their key role in achieving business goals. The actions of corporate social responsibility are planned to be performed in four key areas: employees, customers and business ethics, society and the environment.




JWP Group’s mission is to provide national and foreign entities with comprehensive knowledge and legal advice in the field of protection and management of intellectual property, while making multi-faceted pro-social activities at the same time.


We execute our business strategy in a socially responsible way, taking into account standards of business ethics, as well as the needs of all stakeholders, including: employees, customers, co-workers and the public.


Our actions are based on the standards set by the standards of national and international law, as well as the patterns included in the code of ethics relating to our business. In our daily work we hit a professional, personal approach, pragmatism and values ​​such as honesty, openness, respect, responsibility and commitment.