It is the key aspect of our prosocial activity. We try to ensure that our employees and coworkers identify with the company and feel satisfied with working in JWP. We provide them good working conditions, professional development, possibilities of various trainings, social benefits. Since we aim to make our company flexible, we are able to offer our employees the chance to reconcile work life and private life.

Our goals:

  1. establishing proper relations between the company and its employees and co-workers
  2. increasing motivation and involvement of the employees
  3. increasing group awareness and responsibility in reaching common goals
  4. increasing employees’ participation in the process of company management
  5. ensuring work-life balance
  6. team integration
  7. professional development of the staff
  8. preventing professional burnout


The most crucial groups of stakeholders are:

  1. employees – people hired by the company on the basis of the employment contract
  2. co-workers- a natural person or a single business entity cooperating with the company  on the basis of the civil-law contracts. The co-workers form an integral part of our team.